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Life magazine - October 2016

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Francis Collins:

“The Language of God - A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief”

This article is a brief review of a book I read recently - “The Language of God” by Francis Collins.  Francis Collins is a leading scientist who is also a Christian.  He was the leader of the Human Genome Project which documented the details of human DNA.  In a way this a book is an answer to various books which have appeared in recent years by writers like Richard Dawkins - books which argue that scientific theories such as the Theory of Evolution make belief in God impossible.

In this book, Francis Collins describes how he found faith as a Christian while working as a scientist.  He describes the evidence he has found for the existence of God and describes how scientific theories of how the universe and life on earth started are completely compatible with Christian beliefs.  He argues against a literal interpretation of the Genesis account of creation, but instead argues for “theistic evolution” - the argument that God has used evolution as part of His process of creation.

If you find yourself confused about what seem to be conflicting world-views - the apparently opposing views of modern scientific theories and Christian ideas, then this book is a great introduction to seeing how those world-views can be compatible.